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60+ Lenders websites tested

63 lenders websites in the United Kingdom are currently stating that they can provide instant loans. All you need to do is apply through their website. We put this to the test. As part of our research we manually filled out loan applications on each of the 60 lenders websites. The same application details were used for all 60 websites. The process took approximately thirty hours to complete.

48 lenders Failed test 1

The results were shocking. Only 12 out of the 60 lenders we tested genuinely offered instant decisions after your click on the apply now button.

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8 lenders failed test 2

8 out of the 12 lenders had to complete a credit check before giving final approval of the loan which took more then 24 hours. That means the loan would not be same day and therefore not an instant loan.

4 lenders passed the final test

Only 4 lenders had the ability to approve loan applications instantly, skip credit checks and deposit the loan funds into a bank account on the same day . The 5 lenders that passed the test are listed below.

The 4 Lenders that passed the final test

Anico Finance

Anico Finance is a direct lender that offers unsecured loans to people living in the UK. You can repay your loan over a three to twele month period.  Anico Finance also allows you to repay the loan full amount early. If you do pay early you will also pay less interest on your loan. New customer can borrow up to £1000. If you successfully pay back your loan you can borrow more than  £1000 in the future. 


logo with icon of anico finance who is a direct lender in the UK


Auden is a new type of social enterprise lending company. When Auden approves your loan and you accept the loan offer they can have the funds in your bank account within 15 minutes. At latest they say you should receive the funds 1-2 hours after your accept the loan offer.  That is pretty impressive and the main reason they made our Top 4 picks.

auden loaning company logo

Cash Kitty

Cash Kitty is an indirect lender. They search different lenders to find you the best loan that suits you. You just choose the loan amount you wish to borrow. Fill out the form and and Cash Kitty do the rest of the hard work. The process is fast and straightforward. You can expect a loan offers within the hour. And when you accept the loan terms the funds should be deposited in your bank within 3-4 hours. 

Purple logo of cash kitlly with the head of a kitten in the logo

Lending Stream

Lending Stream has been in business since 2008. Lending stream is an alternative to your traditional pay day loan lender. You get up to six months to pay back your loan in affordable installments. This company is part of the Gin Credit Group. The companies loan application form is very easy to fill out which makes it one of the more user friendly websites we tested. 

Purple colored logo of lending stream


Most frequent questions and answers

The four lenders that provide instant loans in the Uk are:

  • Auden
  • Cash Kitty
  • Lending Stream
  • Anico Finance

Most lenders do a credit check. Read our article above to know which lenders will run a credit check on you before approving your loan. 

You sure can. Any of the lender we mentioned about can approve your loan and fund your bank account within a few hours of you applying for a loan.

We believe that an instant loan is loan that you recieve on the same day as you applied for it. 

Most offline lenders do not process your application within twenty four hours. Its only the online lenders who have the technology and speed to approve a loan and fund your bank withing a few hours. 

The best way to get an emergency loan is pick a lender that processes your loan application instantly. Allot of lenders can take days to process your loan and this is not helpful when you need money urgently